Stop Clearing All The Heaviness

When your in the vibrational frequency of struggle and lack being real and about you… …Then your stuck in a limited realty that is no fun. Watch here if you want to leave struggle and lack behind.

Do You Have An Energetic Addiction?

Do you know someone that’s addicted to the heavy energies? These energetic addictions can be sneaky and just recently I had a good look at this for myself. Watch here to find out more.

How Do I Get Off The Struggle Bus?

Are you stuck on the bus sitting next to struggle, lack and hardship? Maybe it’s time to create something different? Get up hop off the bus and start making who you want to be your greatest priority.

When You Realize You Don’t Fit In

When you have that first moment that you realize you don’t fit in… That’s the moment that judgement starts in your world. Watch here to find the key to let go of self judgement forever. Join me and allow yourself to discover who you are beyond the...

What To Do When The Universe Intervenes?

Have you ever had the opposite of what you want show up? Or something so strange, you can’t figure out what happened? These are what I call universal redirects, where the universe intervenes to create something greater in your life. Check out what I mean...