4 Questions To Ask When You’re Ready To Be You & Receive Millions.

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Money Flows

What would it be like to receive millions?

Notice what just came up for you when you read that question.

Did you go to a place of…

“Ooh, that would be yummy. There would be more ease and flow in my life. I’d be more relaxed and confident, spacious and joyful. There’d be more freedom, too?”

Or did you go to a place of…

“No way, Cory, I won’t ever have millions”?

If you were able to receive the energy of millions, cool. Acknowledge that your receiving channel is open!

If you were not yet able to receive that, I wonder what else is crazy possible for you that you haven’t even considered yet? Without any judgment, what would it be like to hang out with the possibility of receiving millions just for the next few breaths?

Yeah. There you go… 🙂


Here’s the thing…

In the coaching industry, there’s a lot of focus on having a $6- or $7-figure year. There’s a time frame stamped on this goal, and if you don’t accomplish it within 365 days, guess what?

There’s a ton of judgment.

When you tap into “receiving millions,” there’s no time frame. No limit. There’s no assumption that you even want to have a $6- or $7-figure year or have to, to prove anything about you or your business success.

Instead, it’s an invitation to tap into your awareness of how much you’re capable of receiving over your lifetime. And how much more you’re capable of receiving when your receiving channels are open.

Now, you may be thinking, “Cory, I don’t care about millions. I just want to know I’m living a good life.”

I hear you. I get that. And that’s where I’m coming from with “receiving millions”

It’s not about status.

It’s not about vacations or traveling to exotic places or what your car looks like, although it doesn’t exclude any of these things.

It’s not outside oriented.

Receiving Millions is inside oriented.

It’s all about how you feel.

It’s about living a life that’s congruent with YOU and choosing everything you want to choose.

So how do you get congruent with you so you can receive millions?

You be you.


Not being you is NOT creating what you know is possible. Not being you does NOT receive millions.


To create what you know is possible and receive millions, we want to get you in the STRENGTH of being YOU.

Here’s one really pragmatic way to tap into being YOU…

Ask yourself:

  1. What juices me up?
  2. What is generative for me?
  3. What do I do that gives me energy?
  4. What do I wish I could do that I’ve never really allowed myself to do?

And then, you guessed it, go do these things!

Choose them, prioritize them, enjoy them, and live them.

A client of mine told me she had a dream of being a performer and a singer. So I told her to start singing!

When you start adding these activities, things, people, places to your life, you’re going to receive more. It could show up as energy but a lot of times, it shows up as money.

Now, if you’re in your head a lot, this isn’t going to make any sense.

You might be saying, “This doesn’t make any sense. What would singing have to do with my job and money?”

Oh, but it does.

It has everything to do with your energy and you being true to who you are.

When my client is singing…

When I’m walking Mojo (my dog) on the beach…

When you’re choosing what juices you up…

You’re being that energy of JUICED UP, and you’re generating something more, something different for yourself. You’re choosing things and being the energies that are super generative that may or not be linearly connected to money.

This opens up your field to receive more. This opens up your receiving channels.


You being happy…

You being expressed…

You being true to you…

Aligns everything to start being true for you.

Which allows you to receive millions.

So given all you’ve read so far about Receiving Millions, Being You, read this statement out loud several times:

>> I’m someone who receives millions by being me <<

What do you notice as you read this?

Is it expansive?

Is it making you smile?

Yeah… me too. 🙂

Listen, this is just the beginning.

I’m facilitating a super epic 2-Day LIVE Event called “Receiving Millions, Being You.” And I’m wondering, would it be juicy for you to join me? Would it be generative for you to participate? What would it create for you if you added this to your life?

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