6 Questions To Pivot In Chaos & Leverage Your Reality

by | May 5, 2020 | Energetic Mastery | 3 comments

Hey, would you like an energetic boost?

I’ve been playing with a few key questions recently that have assisted my clients in creating clarity during COVID-19.

And honestly, these are fantastic inquiries to be in daily if you’d like to have energetic mastery in your life.

Energetic mastery allows you to avoid the emotional roller coaster of the drama, inflated adrenaline running the society we live in.

And friend, your ability to be centered, calm, and in your reality is the key to what you experience now and on the other side of Covid19.

Enjoy these 6 questions to create clarity and energetic mastery.

Question #1: What is available here and now?

This is one of my favorite questions.

When asked from the space of curiosity, it taps into your subconscious and get’s hold of all those lovely gooey possibilities that are just waiting there for you to choose.

It’s sorta like when you were a kid licking the bowl that your mum mixed the chocolate cake in while it’s baking in the oven.

It’s what is available here and now and your present to use it to create your life.

Question #2: What is required of me to allow a new reality to come through?

With this one, you’ve got to be honest with yourself.

Like really F$*king honest.

If you’re willing to go deep on what is required of yourself to create a life of energetic mastery. Then this question is like energetic gold.

Often people need some assistance to dive deep with this question because their own programing is blocking the vital information that will create the changes they’re asking for.

Question #3: What contribution can I be and receive?

This is my go-to question as it allows me to be in the mutuality of gifting and receiving at the same time.

One of my past patterns was overgiving.

And I had to take massive quantum leaps to eliminate the urge to overgive. Now I choose to give at the same time that I’m being filled up, rather than depleted.

This is still the question I use anytime I start to feel depleted by other’s energy.

Question #4: What will my life be like in a year?

Tune into the future and go ahead and ask this question.

Are you on the same timeline, or have you jumped timelines to be functioning on a completely different trajectory?

This is what we work with in my yearlong program, Creation Academy. Often, members jump tracks several times, and it’s no longer even possible for them to recreate the past because they’re not on that path anymore.

Whatever arises for you when you ask this question… allow THAT to guide you.

And make sure to celebrate this future version of you.

Find a place where you can safely share everything you are about…

  • Where do you live?
  • How are you making money?
  • What are your relationships like?

Have some fun with it.

Question #5: What awarenesses am I receiving now about the life I would love to be living?

Awarenesses are coming in to ignite you all the time.

So asking this question is like turning on a signal light when you’re lost at sea.

So often, we receive awareness but don’t respond or take action. I did this in my first year of business, and it left me sitting in a poo pie feeling like a massive failure.

Not anymore.

When you actually respond to your awareness — that’s where the gold is!

That’s where you can pivot out of whatever is going on and leverage your awareness to create more for yourself.

And functioning from awareness is what energetic mastery is all about.

Question #6: What is being created that I cannot see yet?

It might sound like a broken record, but being curious is once again the crucial element here!

There is so much that’s being created that you might not be able to see yet.

When you ask this question, you tune into your higher awareness, and the more you tap into that AND TRUST!!!! The more you’re able to leverage your reality.

You’ll start following these different threads that seem non-linear, but what you’re asking for will just show up.

Ready to start trusting your awareness?

I wonder what that will create for you?

Each of these questions opens a different doorway to your awareness and your reality. And with the drama of Covid19 being so forceful right now, energetic mastery has never been more useful.

What did you become aware of?

I went deep into sharing more about each question in my latest video…

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  1. Tam

    Super, super, super-dee-duper powerful questions. Totally binging on your questions…they really are energetic gold.

  2. Susan

    Love these questions! Thanks for showing up for me! Love you!

  3. Susan Mantz

    Love these questions! Thanks, love you!