7 Questions to Guide You from Control to Surrender, so the Universe will deliver on request.

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Do you know, in every molecule of your being, that the Universe is your your one-stop-shop delivery system?

Or do you still doubt to some degree?

If you’re still doubting your creative capacities, I get it. Doubt used to stop me, too. It took me what seems like forever and a day to get that I could create with the Universe.

Know what else used to stop me from creating the magical life I knew was possible?


How much are you using control to try and create everything you’re aware of? Only to create massive blocks.

A little or a lot?

Here’s the thing about control: Anytime and anywhere you’re trying to control, you’re not trusting that you can actually have everything you’re aware of.

The truth is, you actually can have everything you’re aware of when you’re willing to surrender all of your points of views, beliefs, and fears.

Now I know the loud voice inside right now is saying, “Let go of control? No way!”

So let’s look at that for a moment…

What are your points of views about what will happen if you let go of control?

  • Nothing will get done
  • It won’t get done the way you want it to
  • Things will fall apart
  • Nobody else will do it
  • You’ll be overwhelmed
  • Something bad will happen

Any of these sound familiar?

If you have the point of view that letting go of control is bad and wrong, you’ll create your reality to reflect this.

For example, if you have the point of view that nothing will get done if you let go of control, nothing will get done. If you have the point of view that things will fall apart if you let go of control, guess what?

Things will fall apart.

Are you starting to wonder what else is possible here?

What would it be like to let go of those points of views and choose something else?

Something else like… surrender?

Surrender is essential to creating with the Universe. Surrender is your best friend. Surrender is what allows you to create the reality you are aware of.

What do I mean by surrender?

Surrender your points of views, beliefs, and fears: let them go. See them for the programs they actually are and the interesting perspectives that have been defining and limiting your reality.

Surrender your Asks, your requests, to the Universe, and allow everything to rearrange for you.

When you’re trying to control everything, it’s like you have closed fists on all the strings you’re pushing and pulling, treating everything in your life as if it’s a marionette that only you can get to perform in the right way.

You’re tied down to all of these things that you are holding onto.

When you let go, when you open those hands of yours and surrender, everything can start moving into a different placement.

The Universe can rearrange things to deliver to you all that you’re asking for. And your hands will finally be open and available to receive all the gifts the Universe wishes to gift to you.

This is where your true power is: in your choice to surrender.

Surrender is not passive.

It’s active!

You’re actively letting go of points of views, beliefs and fears. You’re acknowledging that everything that shows up in your world is an invitation to you to step up and into the future you that you’ve been asking to be.

You may be wondering, where do you begin?

How do you surrender the points of views, beliefs and fears that are holding you back so you can have everything you’re asking for?

Here are 7 powerful questions you can ask to facilitate yourself to the choice of surrendering.

You can use these as journaling prompts and write down your responses.

This will support you in engaging all of you: your body, energy field, reality, future and consciousness, in surrendering and receiving all the ways the Universe wishes to co-create with you.

7 Powerful Questions To Assist You In Surrendering So You Can Create With The Universe.

  1. What’s something you’ve been asking for that hasn’t shown up yet?
  2. What points of view do you have that aren’t allowing you to surrender into that?
  3. Would you be willing to surrender those?
  4. Before answering these questions, who were you being?
  5. How much control was that old you using?
  6. Who are you being now when you’re willing to surrender?
  7. What is choosing this going to clear out, that will allow you to step into what you’re asking for?

Want to see these questions in action? Click here to read a client’s story about how she went from struggle to surrender and shifted out of judgment and into joy.

How might choosing to surrender today support you in creating all that you’ve been asking for?


  1. Juliette

    This is great. I got some interesting clarity and cleared blocks. Feels clearer & open.

    • Cory MIchelle

      Hi Juliette

      That’s fantastic, I’m so glad you enjoyed the 7 questions.

      What aspect of life did you get clarity on?