I am a guide for brilliant, conscious-minded and wicked-smart entrepreneurs quantum jumping into BEing their potent, magic future self, and create as the contribution and gift they came to be.

I’ve created a method, or guide rather to easily get you from where you are now, to live the inspiring life you are aware that is possible for you.
The one you dream about.

Moreover, this process guides you into BEing the one living that life.

Together we collapse time and space to actualize future realities now through energy, space, consciousness, and BEing.  

I am intuitive, empath, wizard and love seeing my client’s timeline hop into the reality that is awaiting their arrival.

My question to the universe is always, “whose keys to I have that open the doors to the secrets to their universe?  Allow them to find me.” Are you one of them?

After years of seeking, not fitting in, feeling like I was an alien placed in a human body, experimenting my way through life, I realized that I am actually here to create new realities. And to contribute to others doing the same. Getting free of the programming of this reality and becoming truly sovereign.

My desire to contribute runs deep after a varied career of helping others in event planning, non-profit fundraising, to being a lifeguard. The brilliant beings who find me typically have been asking for what I have to offer.

An energetic quantum leap in who they be, that matches the leader they came to be. Fortunately, reality catches up and all the typical things people desire begin to actualize.  But truly, it’s who you be that is the key to being the gift you came to be.

Welcome to the land of crazy possible.  Where every reality you know is possible exists, just a frequency away.

I’ve crafted my dream team (The Unicorn Squad) to serve in our mission of contributing to a million energetic creators empowering them to know they can create anything at any time and assist us in creating the new realities we came to actualize.

Ben Cussel

Chief of Operations

Ben’s superpower is to lead and organize our squad for optimal being and performance.  

He supports everyone in being a badass in their job, and keeping the company focused on our mission.  

Ben is one of the kindest men I know as well as being an amazing father.

Energetic Priorities:
Being me, Money & Wealth, Turned On, Organization, Building


Shannon Thomson

Social Media Unicorn

Shannon is our social media unicorn who helps spread Cory’s magical message across all the social media platforms. 

Shannon first tapped into her magic and love of all things spiritual and consciousness around 20 years ago.  Since then she has embraced her entrepreneurial mindset and has run & marketed her own businesses for the last 20 years.  She is a published Author in the genre & has lived on her own terms and enjoyed the freedoms & abundance of what that brings in her life. 

When she’s not spreading unicorn magic across Cory’s socials, she is busy building her own brands & businesses in between jet setting around globe feeding her addiction to travel and experiencing all the joys of life with her family and friends.

Energetic Priorities:
Abundance, Fun & Freedom, Success & Empowerment


Tracy Reifferscheid

Crazy Possible Coach

Tracy is amazing at helping people to discover their own gifts and talents that have been just lying there waiting for them to claim.

Empowering people to create beyond what they ever thought possible is one of her biggest thrills in life and that’s why she is such a great #ALCP coach. Tracy is someone who you know has your back and is so much fun to hang with.

Energetic Priorities:
Luxury, Wealth, Nurturing, Joy, Greater then I can Imagine


Erin Van Krimpen
Assistant Unicorn

Erin is an empath, intuitive reader and emerging feminist theologian who left her life as a criminal lawyer to live a heart-led life aligned with her future self.  

In addition to helping Cory work her unicorn magic, Erin loves to hit the gym and do yoga, as well as spend time hanging out on the beach with her doggos Winston & Poppy.

Energetic Priorities:

Equilibrium, gratitude, abundance, integrity and contentment.

Mojo aka Fluffermuffin
Team Mascot and Joy Bomb

Mojo’s job is essential.  He is to be awesome, cute and always bring joy to everyone he encounters.  He inspires people around the world to be kind, to have fun, and most of all, enJOY life!  He loves greeting people and animals and has no judgment in his world, he loves everyone!

Energetic Priorities:
Joy, Fun, Play, Watch Dog, Snuggles

Tracey Horsbrugh
Global Events Coordinator

Tracey is a powerhouse magician when it comes to crafting and coordinating events, she knows how to make things happen, even when they seem impossible. We love her joy and ability to see potentials and materialize them!

Energetic Priorities:
Being all of me, Leader of my Life, Adventure, Ease in All Areas of my Life, Visible

Our Company Values are congruent with everything we be and offer as a team and company.  We believe that when a company fully functions from their values they can be trusted to fulfill for their clients.

Excellence  |  Pragmatic Tools  |  Inclusion & Community  |  Gratitude | Innovation
Awareness * Intuition  | Kindness and Collaboration  |  Integrity 
| Congruent with Ourselves  |

Our purpose to empower people to know they can create anything at any time.