Fact: You are being called to experience the magic of living, automatically.

Can you feel it?! (We can.)

My name is Cory Michelle,

and I’m the founder of Magical Living By Design, where we help seasoned manifestors & magical unicorns like you access & embody 5th dimension consciousness. This way, you can step into YOU, and upgrade your world.

I do this work because I literally can’t not. Every time I facilitate, I get super-charged with energy that transmits desires into reality. 

Together with my team,

Our mission is to activate as many people as possible into 5th dimensional living.

(Also known as magical living.)

And we love celebrating the upgrades.

Our clients have…


2 – 5x’d their income & paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt


Stopped people-pleasing, and put themselves first


Had quantum leaps and jumped timelines


Embodied the confidence to live life their way


Stepped into trusting their awareness, AND trusting that their desire for living a magical life is their true way of creating their reality!

…But this level of quantum expansion is not all glitter and rainbows.

Our clients usually come to us after they’ve:

  • Done years of spiritual work
  • Cleared the big-time blocks 
  • Seen the healers and moved the energy
  • Become coaches and healers themselves
  • Manifested the convenient things (like parking karma)…

But their most important desires still aren’t showing up consistently.

My team and I will work with you to embody your creation powers automatically, so you can manifest more than everything you’ve ever wanted

— without DOING more work, clearing more past lives, or being disappointed one more time!

In fact, society’s programming to constantly DO more in order to “be more” is toxic.

When your soul is ready to embody 5D consciousness, you’ve outgrown that way of being.

That’s why the focus of our work is to catalyze a superconscious shift that automatically causes you to BE at harmony with who you are… and to make a difference from that place.

To sum it up,

We create miracles.

Meet Our Team

Cory Michelle


Cory has facilitated magic for over 2 thousand clients through virtual programs and global workshops.

With over 20 years of experience, she makes it look easy to attract anything. Her facilitations activate her clients’ ability to do the same thing – so they can become the ultimate creators of their lives.

Ben Cussel

Ben Cussel

Chief Braniac of Operations

Ben’s role is to optimize the performance of our team so that we can give our clients the best experience, while totally loving our lives.

When he isn’t nerding out, he is working out.


Seeing unread notifications on his phone

Shannon Thomson

Shannon Thomson

Social Media Magical Fairy

Shannon sprinkles marketing fairy dust across social media to

attract and connect with awesome people like YOU!

When she isn’t working, she is hopping on another airplane adventure to blue waters.

Discovering and experiencing new places

Cooking & grocery shopping

Mojo aka Fluffermuffin

Mojo aka Fluffermuffin

Team Mascot and Joy Bomb

After becoming a Corporate Chief Executive by the age of just 7 dog years,

Mojo retired from his high-stress, high-paying job to join us.

Today, his job is to sit there and look cute. We think he does a paw-fect job!

Greeting people and animals.

When his toy gets trapped under the couch.

Tracy Reifferscheid

Tracy Reifferscheid

Magical Living Coach Coordinator

Tracy will help you remember who you are, and never forget it.

When you work with her, it’ll completely change the way you show up.

When she isn’t blowing your mind, she is communicating with energies on and off world.

Spending time outdoors, drumming, breaking out in random dance and spending time with her husband Robbie.

Littering, disregard for the earth

Erin Van Krimpen

Erin Van Krimpen

Miracle Support Worker

Erin makes things happen behind-the-scenes.  If you’ve contacted our support inbox, watched a video in our members area or listened to the podcast you’ve seen Erin at work!

She left her life as a criminal lawyer to live a heart-led life aligned with her future self.

Beach walks with her dog Winston, yoga and creating beautiful art

Ignorance, integrity-lack cold-calls, and cucumbers



Backyard Kangaroo

Be’s magic!

Henry loves coming by during classes spreading his magic and joy.

Eating backyard grass, and pooping a lot

Mojo chasing him out of the yard!

Now that you know us, we want to give YOU the power to create your most magical life now…

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Our advanced manifestation mini course reveals how to…
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