How To Have An Amazing Life, Now!

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

Be the energy of your amazing life….now!

Do you ever catch yourself thinking…

My life will be so amazing when I have money; I lose this weight or I have that magical partner?

Thoughts like these will not create your amazing life.

The secret is to BE the energies of those things now.

To Embody, Be and Choose from the space of already ‘Having It’ energies.

Years ago, I heard this and my brain could not wrap itself around the idea.
Wouldn’t that make me a fraud?
Wouldn’t I just be faking it?
How is that even possible?

My challenge to you is to Try It today with one thing.

What would YOU like to actually have?
What would make YOUR life freaking amazing?

BE as though you have it. Feel it. Live in the joy energy of it. Have all of it in your Beingness and imagine what your day is like in the having of it. Then turn that up even more.

The first time I did this, I was blown away.
I thought I had popped into a different reality.

I was driving my old beat up Hyundai Santa Fe that really needed some work.
It was covered in embarrassing dents & scratches and when I pressed the gas to get on the highway, let’s just say, I wasn’t going anywhere fast.

So I chose to Be and Embody the energy of different.

I test drove a Lexus RX350, and I was absolutely lit up from the cloud-like sensation of driving this luxurious car.

I asked, “Okay, what would it be like, right now, to be driving this Lexus as ‘my vehicle’? ”

And Bamo, suddenly driving that slow-poke, dented up Hyundai, FELT like I was driving that easy cruising, cloud machine, Lexus RX350.

In a moment, my experience of Being and Having was different and I wasn’t faking it. I felt it.
I BE it.

A few months later I created a Lexus RX350 for the same investment I was paying for that beat up Hyundai.

That’s how I did it.

BE the energy now.