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Cory Michelle Podcast

What does it take to bring your dreams alive?  Find out with Cory Michelle and her guests sharing their experiences showcasing how to create what you desire… yes your dreams!

Through energetic mastery, 5D consciousness, and advanced manifestation honing your ability to bring your dreams alive is a skill worth developing.

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Latest Episode

E41: Jolie Dawn

This week I have SUCH a special amazing potent magical guest – creator of the largest online women’s prosperity meditation gathering – Dare to Prosper Challenge attended by women from over 50 countries – Jolie Dawn.

In this chat we talk about the way Jolie went from blaming money for all the bad things that had happened in her life; to creating a six figure business in 1 year; and how she 2xd her business during covid!

Jolie is a truly magical creator bringing her dreams alive, so strap yourself in for this one, it’s powerful!

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