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Megan story

From suffering in a constant cycle of lack, to embodying her unique value (and attracting her first 6-figure year)!

Megan’s story:

From struggling with doubt to embodying her unique value and creating another 6-figure year in the midst of a pandemic!

Megan’s story:

Megan joined Creation Academy because she was addicted to self-doubt and scarcity. In the past, she had taken lots of classes to overcome this cycle, yet wasn’t able to experience true freedom.

In her business, Megan consistently under-charged and over-delivered, even though she knew better! This kept her from having the ease and the expansion she was asking for.

A few months after she began Creation Academy, though, Megan was able to release the self-doubt addiction that had previously smothered her growth. She began embodying her 5D future self, and the world responded. A new level of confidence exuded from Megan, and she was finally able to create the life and business she had been dreaming of for years.

Megan is now teaching what was in her heart (instead of only what she was ‘trained’ to do), and writing her first novel. She stopped people-pleasing and released family obligations, which created an elevated sense of freedom and energy. From this energy, she successfully hit her target of earning 6-figures that year. She also took herself on a 2-week vacation to Paris to turn another lifelong dream into a reality!


From not trusting that she could change her life circumstances, to activating her superpower and attracting everything she asks for!

Jaci’s story:

Jaci spent years taking classes to “fix herself,” yet she continually focused on what was wrong in her life. She wanted to improve her life circumstances, but she didn’t trust that she would stop repeating the patterns that kept her stuck in the past.

When Jaci joined Creation Academy, she realized that her inherent lack of self-trust was keeping her anchored to the woman she used to be. She began to trust that more was possible, though, and everything began to shift…

Jaci went from living in a chaotic housing situation, to an ideal living situation.

She went from worrying about money, to unexpectedly attracting large chunks ($10k and $15k)! She went from doubting her worth, to becoming confident in her ability to create a magical life.

Jaci now says her superpower is attracting everything she asks for!

“Working with Cory in her transformation process has been totally life changing.  I can’t even go back to the version of me that first signed up.  I love the deep support in ongoing life, I never could have done it without her and the community!”


From $160,000 in debt to building generational wealth and MAGIC every day!

Meet Tracy:

Tracy had two successful businesses, but her “lack” mentality was maintaining staying in debt for years” She was also a people-pleaser, so she didn’t feel comfortable “shining too bright” by sharing the gifts and talents that made her light up. She worked with healers and coaches for 18 years, but she was tired of constantly focusing on clearing what was “wrong” with her. Instead, she wanted the universe to open up the space for her to create infinite possibilities. That’s finally what she asked for, and that’s finally what she received…

When Tracy joined Creation Academy, she was able to transcend her engrained relationship with scarcity. She let go of being a control freak, and the urge to constantly DO more, to “be more.” She no longer hides her true gifts from the world, and this has attracted incredible friendships and opportunities into her life. Finally, and most importantly, Tracy learned to trust herself.

Tracy has successfully paid off $160,000 in debt and created over $500,000 in income. She is on track to create $1.7 million in passive income soon. She is empowered, alive, and worthy!

“My life used to be a watered down version of what was possible…I just never believed that I could really have what I wanted. Cory and her programs allowed me to upgrade my life in so many ways, that my old life is unrecognizable to me. My life is now what I used to dream it would be…with all of the sparkles and joy! Thank you, Cory, for your gift to this world!!”


From people-pleasing and suffering inside from damaged relationships… to becoming a powerful leader who has got more love and abundance than ever!

Meet Michelle:

From people-pleasing and suffering inside from damaged relationships… to becoming a powerful leader who has got more love and abundance than ever!

 Meet Michelle: Michelle knew that more was possible in her life, yet she always felt like she had to “follow the rules and do things right.” After years of pushing and hustling, -. On top of that, some of the closest relationships in her life were. She didn’t think that she could have the life she wanted, but she wanted to try, anyway…

Michelle joined Creation Academy, and totally reinvented the rules! She went from thinking she had to conduct her business in “a certain type of way,” to doing it in a way that nobody else was! The  by-product of this shift was an effortless manifestation of contracts worth $15K, $20K, and $30K

Michelle has made quantum leaps in empowering herself with family and  healing her lifelong stormy relationship with her step mother.  . . After a lifetime of judging and being unkind to her body, she has shifted to appreciate and nurture her body as a vehicle to experience life on our glorious Earth[MR1] . She also reunited with her ex-husband after a 10 year break, and they rebuilt their relationship THEIR way.

Michelle now [MR2] creates over $30K a month in passive income alone, and feels like a different woman!

“In the two years I have been part of Creation Academy my whole reality has changed in ways I could not ever have imagined back then. I love the potent tools to create my own reality in full alignment with who I truly be. I am so grateful for community that has my back in actualising my dreams and holding me accountable to becoming more and more congruent with who I truly be and what I bring to the world.”


From feeling afraid to be heard, to asking for what she wants and getting it!

Meet Helene:

 Helene felt like her life wasn’t “that bad,” but she knew deep down that she was playing small. She was afraid to speak up for herself, which was often mistaken for weakness. At her job, her boss took advantage of her and treated her like she was inferior. Helene was tired of feeling like she wasn’t seen, heard, or acknowledged. She wondered what life would be like if she gained more confidence. After Helene joined Creation Academy, she activated her intuition and learned how to use her voice. She began to set firm boundaries with her boss, and ask for what she wanted. She asked for a raise three times, and got it each time! For the first time, Helene learned exactly who she was, and what she desired. Today, Helene works at her dream job. She absolutely loves her new coworkers and boss, and she’s earning more income than ever before. She stopped tolerating toxic relationships, and now she feels valued for who she is. Helene is now 100% herself, and feels that has been the biggest gift in her life. [Own Your Voice!] “My life is completely unrecognizable now compared to when I started working with Cory!”

“My life is completely unrecognizable now compared to when I started working with Cory!”

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