Creation Academy Took Me To The Eiffel Tower

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Success Stories

What happens in Creation Academy stays in Creation Academy.

Not really!!!

Actually, it gives me so much pleasure to share you Megan Walrod’s journey after 6 months of working together.

I just love the life she’s creating…

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As I stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower, sipping champagne and looking out over all of Paris. I couldn’t help but say to myself, “Woman, you’ve come a long way!”

I’d wanted to go to Paris for years but hadn’t given myself permission to just choose it and go!

It had taken doing the “work” of becoming more congruent with myself. Along with Cory Michelle’s mentorship, that finally got me to say YES to spending two weeks in Paris by myself.

The “work” of becoming more congruent, in this case, was noticing my fear of being judged for spending money on such a non-essential, ‘indulgent’ trip, and no longer allowing that fear of other’s judgments to stop me.

It was also about learning how I uniquely create with the Universe. Instead of waiting for the money to show up for Paris, I chose Paris, and the money showed up as if like magic.

My trip to Paris was a dream come true.


And it gave me so much JOY and confidence, knowing that, truly I could create anything I desired.

I’m in the crazy possible creation process of discovering, choosing, and turning more dreams into reality with the support of Cory in her year-long Creation Academy program.

I knew I wanted to work with Cory in some capacity from the very first encounter I had with her.

We were attending the same class, and during a lunch break, I asked her a question. She delivered a truth-bomb about money to me with such a light, joy, and sparkling energy that I was actually able to receive it.

It flew right through my defenses and landed in my world, catalyzing more awareness and possibilities with money.

Cory is different.

She’s willing to own her magic, her sparkle, her difference. She also has unique perspectives on things that I’d been working on for a while, things like money, creating and living more of the life I desired.

That’s what attracted me to her: I was ready to own more of my own magical, sparkling self.

At first, I wondered if her program was a match for me. I really desired support with growing my business in a big way, and her program is more about who you are being in your business.

But then I realized, I had a ton of strategies and knowledge about business and could always pick up more from other places.

What I receive from Creation Academy is the support and mentorship around how to BE the Future Me I desire. So that no matter what strategies I use, I’m congruent with what I’m asking for and it can actually show up!

I’ve been surprised at how pragmatic her program is in the midst of talking about magic and energy and sparkling unicorns!

I’m setting targets for my future while being in weekly action to move towards them. I had so much resistance to this process. But with Cory’s support, I discovered my resistance was based on a lie that I couldn’t ever really have all that I desired.


How could I become the leader of my own life with that lie in place?

With Cory and the group’s support, I’ve let go of that lie and am now embracing my targets and weekly actions that I CHOOSE based on what lights me up. They’re not based on someone else’s model or template for how to create my “dream lifestyle.”

As I pause and reflect on what I’ve created in just my first 6 months in Creation Academy. I yet again hear myself saying, “Woman, you’ve come a long way!”

Here are some of my highlights:

  • Breaking a life-long pattern of codependency with a narcissist.
  • Breaking out of the cycle of emotional addiction to the highs and lows.
  • Having way more ease and calm with money.
  • Creating a total 180-degree shift in my relationship with money.
  • A heightened ability to see when I’m resisting change – and the capacity to pivot and make a different choice more quickly.
  • Gifting myself with a 2-week trip to Paris: something I’d been dreaming of for years! (It was more magical than I ever could have imagined!)
  • Committing to writing my novel that I’d started years ago and having SO MUCH FUN and ease with it!
  • A life-changing epiphany that revealed how much I’d been wrestling with myself and my life… and how I could finally let that go.
  • Letting go of the head-trip of doubt.
  • Receiving more of my gifts and awareness.

I’m having a freaking blast becoming the leader of my own life, more so than ever before.

And I’m just getting started!

I wonder what other crazy possible magic I’ll choose, create, and experience before my first year is up in Creation Academy?!

Megan Walrod

It gives me so much joy to share Megan’s story with you.

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