E42: Journey to the top! Holistic Bliss Magazine with Vanessa Finnigan

I’m thrilled to bring you this interview with an the extraordinary Vanessa Finnigan. Vanessa is an energy facilitator, freelance magazine writer and founder of Holistic Bliss Magazine, which this year celebrates it’s 14th birthday! Holistic Bliss Magazine is a creation from Vanessa’s own inspiration and has contributed to thousands upon thousands – maybe even millions! – of people with its focus on holistic wellness. Vanessa is a true leader and forward thinker and one of the first people I connected with on the Sunshine Coast – and I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation!

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E41: Jolie Dawn

This week I have SUCH a special amazing potent magical guest – creator of the largest online women’s prosperity meditation gathering – Dare to Prosper Challenge attended by women from over 50 countries – Jolie Dawn.

In this chat we talk about the way Jolie went from blaming money for all the bad things that had happened in her life; to creating a six figure business in 1 year; and how she 2xd her business during covid!

Jolie is a truly magical creator bringing her dreams alive, so strap yourself in for this one, it’s powerful!

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E40: Confidence to Create the Life She Desires – with Erin Van Krimpen

Erin is on Team Unicorn supporting Cory Michelle’s business. Little did she know that being on the team was going to give her the confidence to create the life she desires!

This week’s podcast is a replay of the chat I had with Erin for our magical Advanced Manifestation Community Facebook group – link is below to join – we’re about to start a new series of live trainings so tune in!

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E39 – Creating Her Magical Life and Bringing Together People From Around the World for Inspiration – with Christine McIver

If Christine had one message for you to take away from our chat it would be this – you can always make another choice! From little country girl to CEO of a worldwide online radio network, Christine’s journey is one of listening to her awareness and taking inspired action – which is exactly what she supports people to do with her platform now!

Tune into this episode to hear the story of how Christine went from a vision board to her dreams coming true, and why she believes public speaking can benefit us all!

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E38: Breakthrough in Guided Living with Lori Dodson

What if you had permission to get paid to be you??? Tune into my chat with Lori Dodson, and her experience being in our 12 month program, Creation Academy.

Lori Dodson is epically connected and has a mission to contribute through being guided! Lori works with entrepreneurs and geeks out over finding where their unique magic is and where they’re not putting it into their business so that she can guide them into using their magic to amplify their business.

She has had amazing breakthroughs in releasing her monkey mind and limits to step into being the leader, guide and coach she is meant to be!

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