Thank You, Your Judgement Won’t Stop Me.

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

Receiving judgment, whaaaaat?

Is that even possible?
Isn’t judgment the thing you try to avoid the most?

Well, I have a different point of view about judgment…

When you’re not looking outside yourself for validation, judgments don’t hurt.

They only hurt when you are seeking validation. Or you have that judgment of yourself, and you secretly don’t want anyone else to know.

Often when you are judging yourself, that energy goes into your field, and other peoples. Since they are psychic and aware too, and they pick up on your message, “judge me for this!”

So when others judge you, is it really their judgment?
AND, why the F would you care what their pov is?

Consider that receiving judgments might not be what you ever thought it was.

So now repeat after me,
“I shalt not judge myself!
I shall receive the greatness of me!
And other people’s judgments of me are none of my business!”

Repeat 3-1000 times until you get it.
Now, doesn’t that lighten your world?