Join me as I take you through the experiences in my life that led me to energetic mastery, and the awareness that energetic mastery is what I’m here to contribute to the world!  Learn how I got from Denver, Colorado to the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and discover what you can expect from this podcast.

In this episode…

1:25: The long journey to this podcast

2:05: In my early twenties I had an awareness that I knew I was here to be a contribution to the world

5:05: I wasn’t able to truly access it until I claimed the skill of Energetic Mastery

6:08: The first spiritual book I ever read

7:05: Surviving in chaos

8:03: When I started working with energy I knew I was onto something

11:40: From Denver, Colorado to the Sunshine Coast, Australia

15:26: What you can expect from this podcast


Resource Links

The first spiritual book I ever read: Sylvia Browne’s Soul’s Perfection 

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