Episode Summary
Welcome to our NEW podcast name and energy!  No, you’re not in the wrong place – there’s been a quantum shift and we’ve changed our name from Energetic Mastery to Crazy Possible®. In this episode I’ll explain what I went through to get to the space of really choosing Crazy Possible after resisting a f*ckton!  How I pivoted from some old stories that were holding me back and jumped into curiosity, and what has been created since!  It’s a wonderful journey that I hope inspires you as we explore the magical 5D Field of Crazy Possible Living!

Make sure you stay tuned to find out what you can expect from the new and improved version of the podcast – I can’t wait to bring it to you!

1:01: Welcome to our new reality
1:45: From Energetic Mastery to Crazy Possible in 10 minutes … kind of
4:10: The blame game – yes, sometimes I still play it
7:08: External perspectives and highlighting my resistance
9:07: The story of Crazy Possible
14:47: Experimenting with ask and receive, my first BIG creation that went viral
17:54: Releasing this old story that upgraded my reality
19:18: So welcome to the Crazy Possible podcast, you’re gonna love it!

Show Notes
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