Episode Summary
I am so thrilled to be bringing you the brain-child I’ve been carrying for SO long, but which finally has a place to grow now that I have a podcast!  Drumroll please!!!!  Introducing: Energetic Life Audits – recorded facilitations of magical energetic beings with me, Cory Michelle!  I can’t tell you how many people tell me that there’s just something different about the way I facilitate, and now I can share that with the world.  Join me on the first of many Energetic Life Audits, this one with the magical Jennifer, she is a potent intuitive coach and facilitator who has a lot to bring to the world.  We delve into doubt and the way it interferes with our ability to create. 

Be sure to stay tuned to find out how to apply to have your own Energetic Life Audit!

1:02 Introducing Energetic Life Audits!
3:31 Energetic blocks in business
9:47 What’s happens when you are not being the dominant being in your life
10:25 Light bulb!  An energetic addiction!
10:56 Self-sabotage – scarcity mindset
12:14 Am I enough?  Am I qualified?  Have I done enough?
13:30 Breakthrough – doubt creates inconsistency
15:53 How doubt is an energetic addiction
18:11 Deconstruct that pattern and create a new priority
19:55 Rulership – being the Empress of our own reality
25:48 Questions, questions, questions
28:00 Pivot!!!!
30:38 Tools for shifting
33:33   Get your own Energetic Life Audit

Show Notes
To apply for an Energetic Life Audit go to meetcorymichelle.com/5d and click ‘Apply’
Connect with Jennifer Lamkins  here www.UpgradingConsciousness.com