Episode Summary
Are you so busy minding everyone else’s business that yours keeps moving further and further away?  What would it be like to let go of being in everyone else’s energy, and stay clearly focussed and determinedly in your own lane?  In this episode I talk about how stopping minding everyone else’s business is one of the most powerful steps we can take towards energetic mastery.  Tune in to hear what is and isn’t our business, the drama/trauma cycle, and how we can opt out of other people’s circuses.

1:30: How the 3D reality tries to suck you in
2:28: Not my circus, not my monkeys
4:00: What is my business?  What’s not my business?
5:50: Are my kids my monkeys?
8:20: How much of my energy is caught in other people’s circus?
9:45: What happens when we don’t pay attention to it?
11:03: How do you distance yourself from drama/trauma?
13:00: Patterns repeating
14:03: My secret mantra for dealing with the world’s circus
15:33: How to opt out of someone else’s circus
17:17: What happens when we stop going to someone else’s circus
21:35: Takeaways from this episode

Show Notes

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