Episode Summary
What would it be like to exit the 3D control matrix and create your own reality?  What would it take to activate your own 5D creation process?  How do you discern what a true emergency is in the midst of fear?  How do you begin to project your sacred no?

You already know it in your heart.  The fear that is being projected at you from the world isn’t the truth of what’s really going on – join me as I lift the veil on the fear matrix that seeks to control us and invite you to step into the magical reality only you can create.

1:02 Welcome – what you see isn’t necessarily what you should believe
2:38 Get ready to go 5D++
4:33 What is the 3D control matrix?
5:28 Getting free of the 3D
7:55 Where are you choosing from?
10:00 Fear limits creation
11:25 Let’s talk about magic!
12:20 Your sacred ‘no’
15:10 What does it require?
16:23 Fear doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an emergency
18:08 Activate your curiosity and create your own reality
19:17 Exit the matrix
21:40 ✨ Let’s talk even more about magic! ✨
24:43 The 5D creation process

Show Notes
Desire into Reality – the 5D Creation Process