Episode Summary
Do you find yourself at the mercy of your feelings and emotions, getting anxious or feeling afraid when you read the news or go on social media?  Do you ever feel sensations like you’re being punched in the gut, or like someone is looking over your shoulder without knowing where they come from?  Do you ever get bogged down in all the conflicting information and opinions out there, wondering who you should trust?  This episode is for you.  Join me as I share with you my tools on how not to be bamboozled – otherwise known as, how to tell the truth from a lie.

1:16 Alternative episode title:  How to Tell the Truth from a Lie
2:36 Discerning the truth from lies in consciousness
3:04 The 3D control matrix and manipulation
3:53 Thoughts feelings and emotions ≠ awareness
4:45 Tools for tapping into your awareness in a world that wants you to feel some kind of way
5:59 Fear & panic ≠ awareness
6:51 Take a step back & breathe
8:31 We’re highly controllable when we are emotional
10:11 Reaction is how we get bamboozled
11:55 Tuning into your body
13:03 Intensity that is congruent and aligned
14:08 Lies feel heavy
17:25 Ask:  What’s in your space?
18:41 Ask:  Is this actually true?
19:43 Feelings and emotions are different – can you tell the difference?
22:28 You don’t need to take a side
24:08 Dive deeper with me

Show Notes
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