Episode Summary
Have you learned all the things?  Done all the clearings?  Taken all the courses?  And still find yourself stuck, or lacking momentum?  Are you constantly asking yourself ‘what am I missing?’ This episode is for you!  Join me as I break down the two places you need to look at in your life to see how you are sabotaging yourself, and how changing just these things can exponentially increase your momentum!

1:10 What am I missing?
2:08 How have I learned *so* much but still have no momentum?
3:20 The two places you want to look at to see where you’re functioning from
3:35 Are you applying what you have learned?
4:40 What is your perspective?
5:33 Life is a place we have to get to – the 3D reality
9:48 Are you fooling yourself?
11:11 The lens of experience vs the lens of knowing
12:53 Activate your future self
14:00 Awarenesses are available to you all the time!

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Thank you for listening!
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