Episode Summary
Over the past 14 months it feels like I have hit roadblock after roadblock in my business.  Every time I created something new, it didn’t work out and I ended up having to change track.  In this episode, I share with you how I applied my own processes to shift my reality and create something magical and new – and I’ll even give you a little sneak peek into what that is!  5th Dimensional Magical Creators – this podcast is for you!

Top Three Takeaways from this Episode
1.  Nothing is a problem – everything that is happening in your life is just data, just information, which you can use to create a new reality.  Can you let go of the perspective that you need to change something, get curious, and see what arises?
2.  Are you all about getting congruent?  Harmonising what’s in your life so that you can operate at your highest and most magical frequency? Do you believe you’re here to transform the matrix of reality and shift consciousness to a whole new level?  You might be a 5th Dimensional Magical Creator and I’ve got great news – my work is here for you.
3.  Love isn’t the answer to life, the universe and everything.  Well, it kind of is.  Being congruent with the truth of who you are as consciousness embodied is love, and that’s the answer.

8 Minute Magic

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