Episode Summary

I was sitting in my lounge room, berating myself for the kitchen that I just couldn’t seem to keep clean when I asked myself the question:  Is this self-judgement rooted in my childhood, or is my kitchen talking to me?  I turned my head and said to it out loud ‘Did you just talk to me?’ and my whole body lit up.  In this moment I discovered the power of talking to the consciousness and energies of every single thing in our lives so that we become the most congruent version of ourselves.  If you’ve ever felt like you were getting a message from the strangest source – this episode is for you!

Top Three Takeaways from this Episode

  1. Everything has consciousness!  You can talk to the energy of any item, object or creation engaged with us and receive awarenesses
  2. You are not superior to anyone or anything in your field, but you are the commander of your reality, the conductor of the orchestra.
  3. When you talk to objects, items, energies or people to ask them to show up, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for them – they will show up, sometimes in ways you never could have imagined!



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Thank you for listening!

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