Episode Summary

Do you find yourself constantly trying to create more but nothing shows up, or if it does it’s not what you asked or is unsustainable?  Do you have moments of experiencing the 5D but can’t seem to stay there, or reach it in every aspect of your life?  Are you ready to stop working so hard, to allow the universe to provide and to receive all that you desire?  

Great news – this episode, and my new Masterclass ‘Magical Living By Design’ is for you!

Top Three Takeaways from this Episode
  1. You can’t 4D create the 5D version of yourself!  The actions you took to get from 3D to 4D won’t take you from 4D to 5D – so stop repeating them!  
  2. Non-attachment is the key to 5D consciousness.  It’s not about being a loner, it’s about releasing the desire to be in control of what is going on around us.
  3. Creation in the 5D is non-linear.  Pay attention to you awareness and you’ll be amazed at what gets created, even when it doesn’t make sense.  Especially when it doesn’t make sense!

Magical Living By Design the Masterclass

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Thank you for listening!

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