Episode Summary

Are you overwhelmed by the state of the world?  Can you feel the subtle tug of other consciousnesses and influences trying to lower your vibe?  What would it take to create a new timeline, which includes everything you desire?

Join me as I talk through my process of jumping timelines, including what I do when the world is getting to me, how I shift my perspective and the key to changing my reality.

Top Takeaways from this Episode
  • You have the power – you always have the power to create your own reality
  • Are you willing to allow your perspective to change?  You can’t change unless you can see a new perspective. 
  • Adversity creates opportunities to pivot – It’s okay to get bogged down in the tough stuff, as long as you notice and then shift into your new direction
  • Tune in the reality you desire – spend time connecting with the timeline you want to be on, and allow yourself to really feel what it will be like.  This is the most powerful tool you have to jump timelines!

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Thank you for listening!

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