Episode Summary

What are you ready to release from 2021 in order to make 2022 your best most 5D year yet?  Is there an identity that no longer serves you that you need to release?  An energetic addiction that keeps you locked into a pattern that doesn’t belong to your future self?  Join me as I talk about what I’ve been processing to release 2021, and my process for preparing yourself for the year to come.

Top Takeaways from this Episode
  • When we are not congruent with our future selves we fall back into old patterns or behaviours – either consciously or subconsciously
  • Identities can sometimes keep us in fear – when we identify so strongly with a certain pattern, behaviour or identity that it becomes who we are, we become afraid of letting go.  Is there an identity that no longer serves you that you need to release?
  • Releasing these old patterns, identities and behaviours can be uncomfortable or even painful.  Allow yourself to feel these sensations – resisting or pushing them away simply allows them to repeat.

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