I am thrilled to share my friend the creator of Harmonic Elixirs, Christopher Blackwell with you today!  Christopher has this quantum gift bringing through the vibration of possibility, amplifying your ability to have it, be it and receive it.  If you’ve ever wondered how to match frequencies, this podcast will show you how it’s done.

Christopher Blackwell, is a sound healer, coach and energy worker for the past twenty years running individual sessions and workshops around the world and online.

His greatest passion is seeing clients shift into alignment with their true power and passion, and watching them connect to a new level of joy, attracting clients, money and miraculous synchronicities.

Grab a bottle of Quantum Magic, the Elixir Christopher and Cory Michelle created together.

A Holographic Light Frequency Blend

Harmonic Elixir Quantum Magic Christopher Blackwell

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We are at a such a crucial and powerful time in consciousness on the planet at the moment, as we move out of linear, fear based, struggle based 3D realities and transition more and more into the 5D reality, which is more of an infinite field, lighter, more fun and is about alignment rather than effort. 

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Harmonic Elixir Quantum Magic