Episode Summary

Bring your dreams alive with Tara Geraghty and Cory Michelle

From having a 3-year-old who should have been medically dead with cancer, to inspiring thousands – Tara Geraghty joins me on

 the new season of my Podcast Bring Your Dreams Alive to discuss her connection with God and living with hope that the future will be bright.


Content note:  This episode discusses domestic/family violence, murder, death, and terminal illness.

Tune in to hear about: 
  • Learning to trust your inner voice after abuse
  • The moment when you’re told your three-year-old should be dead
  • The miracle of bodies!
  • Making cancer fun
  • Discussions about death
  • Parenting for positivity
  • Making a choice to live fear-free in the scariest circumstances
  • Fear as a reaction vs response
  • The electricity of being an energetic being
  • Surrendering control
  • When things show up in unexpected ways
  • The question that creates the energy of potential in your life.
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Tara’s Book – Making Cancer Fun

The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton


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