Episode Summary

Emily started her first business at age 19 and within twelve months had created a six-figure income for herself and a turnover of over $1 million dollars!  In this episode, you’ll hear from Emily all the juicy gems of wisdom that make her the successful businesswoman she is today, how her mum inspired her to bring her dreams alive, and the identity shift she’s recently been through that has left her more inspired and confident than ever.

Content note:  Maternal death, grief

Tune in to hear about:
  • How Emily started her first business at 19 inspired by her entrepreneurial mum
  • The way a strong work ethic and a belief that anything is possible can create magic!
  • Making every mistake in the book and keeping on going anyway
  • Why having the right start matters
  • Creating self-belief from a young age
  • Being better not bitter – rising above generational patterns
  • Loving feedback as an energy of creation
  • Belief, hunger & willingness – the trifecta of success!
  • Gratitude is the key to working with people outside your comfort zone
  • The event that changed Emily’s life and identity
  • The physical change that made Emily evaluate who she is – and value herself!
  • How transitions in the people around us make us confront who we are and who we are going to be next
  • Emily’s crazy possible manifestation story
  • How the quality of your intention reflects the quality of your life
  • The way our small manifestations are evidence of the hugeness of what we can create

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