Episode Summary

When the love of Lumi’s life was diagnosed with cancer, her whole world shifted.  In this week’s episode I talk with Journey Method Practitioner and Life Coach Lumi Love about how we deal when the people we love transition out of their bodies, medically assisted dying, grief and life after.

Lumi has been an accredited Journey Method Practitioner and Life Coach for 18 and 5 years, respectively. Following the departure of her beloved husband, Lumi has been guided to provide support and education for those experiencing grief and the friends and loved ones of those experiencing grief. Her experience navigating this process, the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and medical aspects, make her uniquely qualified to assist us in moving through grief healthily, and guiding us in revealing who we’re becoming afterwards, helping us thrive.

Content note:   Cancer, death, grief, medically assisted death

Tune in to hear about: 
  • What it was like to find out the love of your life has inoperable cancer
  • Believing in miracles 
  • Living life being true to truth
  • Caretaking yourself while caretaking someone else
  • Seeing healing through a new lens
  • When your partner says they’re ready for medically assisted dying
  • How Lumi’s life’s purpose has changed since Bodhi transitioned
  • Three tips to navigating grief and three tips to support someone navigating grief

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