Episode Summary

You may think that being a healer, delver into the Akashic records and Human Design expert and being a comedian, actor and performer don’t mix, but Katie Rubin is here to tell you differently.  In my chat with Katie we dive into how for some people doing a little bit of everything is the best way to a greater life – and the way Katie makes this work for her!

Tune in to hear about: 
  • Being a master of many tools and finding the right balance to make it all work
  • Human design as a tool for growth
  • The synergy between being a comedian and a coach
  • Why doing what you’re being called to is the way out of suffering
  • How change and flexibility can be magic
  • Trusting the impulses of our body 
  • Astrocartography!
  • The comfort of surrender
  • The way healing yourself leads to healing others
  • Integration and why dropping an f* bomb can be a spiritual act

Connect with Katie:  

Healing Work – katierubin.com
Shows – katierubinonstage.com
Production – True Story Studios – under construction

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Cory’s Latest Webinar:  meetcorymichelle.com/webinar

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