Episode Summary

Peter was the teacher that unlocked my desire to dive deeper into consciousness and spiritual work, and I am so excited to share him with you in this episode!  We talked about where dreams come from, why it’s more important to focus on being a dreamer than the dream itself, the law of attraction and the importance of saying YES to the universe!

This was an incredibly juicy conversation on all frequencies, so dive in and be upgraded!!

Tune in to hear about: 
  • The way Peter’s Heart’s Desire work set me up to be the person I am now
  • How Peter followed the breadcrumbs to find his heart’s work
  • ‘Navigating the chaos with grace’
  • Being the best messenger there is, not worrying about the message
  • Saying yes before you know what it involves – because otherwise we would never say yes!
  • How are dreams are like a sushi menu
  • Why the universe is a yes machine and will always deliver what you are resonating with
  • Peter’s take on the law of attraction – We create equivalent to what we project whether we want it or not
  • The power in seeing the version of yourself that is unfiltered
  • Why we are Etch-a-sketch
  • The importance of being a dreamer 
  • How dreams are really stepping stones
  • Getting back to the truth that who we are is a whole complete and divine extension of source
  • How your smallest crowd may be your biggest audience

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