Episode Summary

Celeste is one of my very favourite people and absolutely of the most successful entrepreneurs I know!  In this chat we cover how she brought her dream of a business that helps people to feel and be the best version of themselves alive – and how it has evolved over the 13 years she has been doing it.  Celeste has some amazing advice for entrepreneurs just starting out and for those who might be in a season of struggle – as well as a ton of juicy nuggets of wisdom for anyone not in business too, so tune in!

Tune in to hear about: 
  • Embodying the spirit of generosity in business
  • Helping people feel and be the best version of themselves
  • Health and wellbeing as a birthright
  • The benefits of jumping off a cliff
  • Aiming after you’ve already taken the shot – how recalibration is the essence of business
  • Your business is your lab – why experimentation is the key to longevity in business
  • How your community is an invaluable resource – use it!
  • Mastering the pivot
  • Mission and core values – the alignment check-in manual
  • Managing in uncertainty
  • Why vulnerability and realness makes a better leader than putting on a brave face
  • Entrepreneurship as the greatest journey of self-discovery
  • Encouragement for when you’re in a hard place
  • How our future selves can guide us in the present
  • Goal setting as an entrepreneur
  • Celeste’s greatest advice for entrepreneurs

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