Episode Summary

What if you had permission to get paid to be you???  Tune into my chat with Lori Dodson, and her experience being in our 12 month program, Creation Academy.

Lori Dodson is epically connected and has a mission to contribute through being guided! Lori works with entrepreneurs and geeks out over finding where their unique magic is and where they’re not putting it into their business so that she can guide them into using their magic to amplify their business.

She has had amazing breakthroughs in releasing her monkey mind and limits to step into being the leader, guide and coach she is meant to be!

Tune in to hear about: 
  • What it means to be a junkie for our own expansion
  • The secret sauce to being a successful entrepreneur
  • How Lori bridged the gap between being able to see what was possible to having it right here right now
  • Why we can’t see our own blindspots and what to do about it
  • Getting permission to believe in our own dreams
  • Internal validation vs external validation
  • Being energetically naked
  • Our personal GPS system for life
  • How guidance is like a hot air balloon
  • What to do when what used to work doesn’t anymore
  • The way living via guidance means that sometimes we are the answer to someone else’s prayers
  • Why a container of like-minded people is what creates re-patterning
  • How the magic of being yourself never gets old.

Connect with Lori:
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