Episode Summary

If Christine had one message for you to take away from our chat it would be this – you can always make another choice!  From little country girl to CEO of a worldwide online radio network, Christine’s journey is one of listening to her awareness and taking inspired action – which is exactly what she supports people to do with her platform now!

Tune into this episode to hear the story of how Christine went from a vision board to her dreams coming true, and why she believes public speaking can benefit us all!

Content note:   Mental health struggles, suicide

Tune in to hear about:
  • How a little country girl ended up running a network of hundreds of people around the world
  • The way our bodies get our attention
  • From breakdown to breakthrough
  • Vision board magic
  • Following the promptings of our awareness and getting where we’re supposed to be
  • When we are our authentic selves we are the greatest contribution
  • Public speaking as a way to grow confidence in yourself
  • How you can always make another choice.

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