Episode Summary

This week I have SUCH a special amazing potent magical guest – creator of the largest online women’s prosperity meditation gathering – Dare to Prosper Challenge attended by women from over 50 countries – Jolie Dawn.

In this chat we talk about the way Jolie went from blaming money for all the bad things that had happened in her life; to creating a six figure business in 1 year; and how she 2xd her business during covid!

Jolie is a truly magical creator bringing her dreams alive, so strap yourself in for this one, it’s powerful!

Content note:   Mental health issues, gambling addiction, suicide, alcohol addiction, drug addiction

Tune in to hear about:
  • Letting go of the consciousness of being a victim to the reality of our lives
  • Giving ourselves permission to ‘just make it up!’
  • How the law of attraction worked to bring Cory’s work into Jolie’s life
  • From broke to a six figure business in 1 year – the thing Jolie did every day that she believes changed everything
  • Why creating for other people first never works
  • Jolie’s relationship with money and how writing made it happen
  • Being afraid – and doing it anyway
  • The importance of celebrating the little things
  • The Dare to Prosper Challenge
  • Creating first-hand awarenesses for prosperity healing and creation
  • Non-linear creation
  • Energetic and mindset shifts Jolie needed to create to maintain authenticity to herself.

Connect with Jolie:  

The Dare to Prosper Challenge 

Jolie’s Instagram

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Advanced Manifestation Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/advancedmanifestationcommunity

Cory’s Latest Webinar:  meetcorymichelle.com/webinar

Thank you for listening!

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