Episode Summary

I’m thrilled to bring you this interview with an the extraordinary Vanessa Finnigan.  Vanessa is an energy facilitator, freelance magazine writer and founder of Holistic Bliss Magazine, which this year celebrates it’s 14th birthday!  Holistic Bliss Magazine is a creation from Vanessa’s own inspiration and has contributed to thousands upon thousands – maybe even millions! – of people with its focus on holistic wellness.  Vanessa is a true leader and forward thinker and one of the first people I connected with on the Sunshine Coast – and I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation!

Tune in to hear about:
  • Vanessa’s journey from psychologist to magazine publisher
  • Following the intuitive green lights to your bliss and watching your creation magnetize like-minded people
  • All about Holistic Bliss
  • How understanding the principles of energy facilitation can help you create with less effort
  • Excitement vs fear – both can mean you’re on the right track!
  • Being gentle with yourself in discomfort
  • The story of Cory’s Holistic Bliss cover
  • How everyone can be a pioneer in a world of collective change and awakening

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