Do you have the same worries, anxieties and fears come up over and over?  Have you ever wondered why you seem to be caught in a loop of emotions?  What would it be like to completely shift into the way of being you most desire?

Welcome to the world of energetic addictions and priorities!  Jump in, and get ready to change your life dramatically.

In this episode…

1:29: What are energetic additions?

6:44: Where my energetic addition to money worries came from

7:59: Energies in the air

10:17: Steps to take

10:38: Identify bogus priorities

12:25: Shadow work – identifying our energetic addictions

13:44: Acknowledging our addictions

16:26: Energetic priorities

21:39: PIVOT!

24:21: Curiosity is key

24:56: Isn’t it just bypassing?


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Energetic Priorities with Cory MichelleEnergetic Addictions List from Cory Michelle

















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