You’ve identified your energetic addictions and priorities.  You’ve started responding instead of reacting.  You’ve begun to tune into your awareness.  And you’re pushing the limits of your comfort zone.  Are you ready to SHIFT your identity?  Join Cory as she talks you through the steps we can take to make that shift, and issues a life-changing challenge!

In this episode…

1:16: Going quantum – applying it like it matters

2:40: Step 1:  Identify your desire

3:08: Step 2:   Identify your comfort zone

Step 3:   Identify what’s beyond your comfort zone

3:42: Step 4:  Resolving incongruencies

4:21: Becoming your future self

7:10: You don’t need to see it to believe it

8:55: Time travelling to your desires – not someone else’s

10:10: It’s a journey

14:45: Letting go of our comfort zones

16:33: Getting clear

18:00: Let go of everything that isn’t congruent with your future self

19:40: Getting your support system in place

20:20: Will you take up the challenge?



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