Episode Summary

Join Cory as she tells her story about seeing people living the life she wanted, and how she turned it into her reality.  Hear the three steps that will help you identify your gap and then close it, as well as a bunch of handy tips to help you along the way.


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1:00 Creating in 3D vs creating in 5D and finding your gap
2:00 A story about network marketing
7:00 I get by with a little help from … the right people
8:03 My ah-ha moment – there’s a gap!
9:00 Clarity
11:43 Follow through
13:21 Congruency with your future self
14:26 What keeps us from congruency?
16:56 It all comes back to your subconscious
20:38 Identifying your gaps
22:13 Desire into reality and new free training


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