It’s The Energy That Creates Desires

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

I struggled for an extremely long time.

I mean STRUGGLED, years and years of no money, bad relationships and people taking advantage of me.

They used to call me the ‘network girl’, and I’d always be invited to coffee dates by people looking for free advice and connections

And the worst thing was, I had no idea why the most important things to me were not working or why I was struggling so badly.

Everybody else was able to create these fantastic lives while I just kept running around the hamster wheel, going nowhere.

And to make it worse, the hamster wheel was covered in butter and kept getting smaller and smaller.

Giving me even less room to run.

This was not the way I wanted to be living my life.

Deep inside, I knew that something different was possible. I felt it and It had to exist because so many other people around me had an amazingly successful life.

And then one day it hit me. The aha moment I’d been wishing for.

The reason I wasn’t creating the same way as everybody else?

You see, it’s the energy that lights me up, not the stuff, not the things, not the accomplishments.
But the experience, the energy the feeling!

I couldn’t create squat when I was prioritizing the list of things that the people on fancy TV shows are supposed to have.

But ask me to be an energy that lights up my body and magic starts to happen.

Once I discovered this about myself, everything turned around in all areas of my life.

I had money with ease for the first time in my life. My business was taking off in leaps and bounds. I had people offering me over a $1000 an hour just to “pick my brain”.

Now I could buy my own coffee… Hehe.

So I thought, ‘if I can create all this from the energy, what would happen if I consciously chose energetic priorities to create from, rather than trying to create a list of things I thought I was supposed to have?”


This was the key and what was to become The Art of Living Crazy Possible.

Now every day I get to help people, who are in the same place I was, discover how to create all they desire based on their energetic priorities.

Life is awesome.

What are the energies that light you up?
And if you based all your life around these energies, what would that life be like?

Hmm… I wonder?