Can Gratefulness Create Your Future?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Wanna know a little-known secret about gratitude that changed my guys’ reality?

When I read about the simple concept of ‘being grateful for the future as if you already have it,’ my whole body lit up like the Holiday tree at Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve.

And I’ve come to KNOW that whenever I get that lit up feeling, I’m onto something extraordinary and following that feeling will create amazing results.

I mean being grateful for the future like you already have it is a perfect dance partner for everything I’ve created in The Art of Living Crazy Possible.

So I know it works for me but I wanted to try it out on others.

Guess who my guinea pig was? My magical man, that’s who.

Do you ever try stuff out or enlist your partner to give you feedback or serve as your test subject? Thankfully, he was game for the experiment, and I’m so glad he likes to play with consciousness and creation.

Now, my Aussie guy, he’s not an experienced traveler (yet!) and traveling alone from Australia to the USA has been a source of stress and frustration, so he decided to be grateful for the ease filled trip he was about to take from Noosa, Australia to Maui, USA.

Big ASK right?
Don’t we all have stories attached to travel?

With my test subject’s enthusiasm, he spoke the words, “I’m so grateful for the ease filled trip I’m having to Maui.” He spoke it again as he headed out the door to the airport.

But you’d never guess what happened next…

First, he missed his exit on the freeway. Now I know my guy, and this would have usually sent him off the rails, but instead, he said, “I’m so grateful for the ease filled trip I’m having to Maui.”

Next, his parking permit for long-term parking at the airport DID NOT WORK! What, what, what? In the past, he would have been losing it and be at a 10+ in frustration his head popping off like a tea kettle at full boil but nope, he repeated: “I’m so grateful for the ease filled trip I’m having to Maui.”

Unbelievably, while waiting in line to check-in to his airline flight, my wonderful Aussie guy, realized his brand-new sunglasses were in the car that was now parked in the long-term lot.

This was strike three, and anyone in this situation would have a reasonable excuse to throw their hands in the air and say, “what else can go wrong?’ But instead… he consciously chose to say again,

“I’m so grateful for the ease filled trip I’m having to Maui.”

And he even added, the cherry on top, phrase….”And I wonder how that’s going to Show Up, Universe?”

One thing he noticed right away…. That this simple phrase, his mantra of gratitude for future ease created less stress even when “stuff” did show up and that in and of itself was a boon.

But his journey of travel continued and what do you know?

When he boarded the plane, he found the seat next to him, EMPTY!

Now that is like an UPGRADE from the Universe for a 6+ foot man traveling in economy for a 10-hour flight across thousands of miles of ocean. Seriously, so much ease for his body.

You know what he did? He repeated it with even more energy, “I’m so grateful for the ease filled trip I’m having to Maui.”

What happened next was totally unexpected and even more magical.

The man that has never been able to sleep on a flight, EVER…. Slept for 8 hours straight. Deep delicious, refreshing sleep.

At this point he knows something potent is going on here and with that deep knowingness and honest thankfulness for the simple words, he repeated them again, “I’m so grateful for the ease filled trip I’m having to Maui.”

By the time I picked him up at the Maui airport he was lit up with the results of applying this simple concept. He was creating more Crazy Possible results than he ever imagined.

After he shared that whole story, he said,
“Cory, now that I know this being grateful for the future as if it’s already my reality, really works. I’m going to take my energetic priorities and Be grateful for them.”

“I’m so grateful for the money that is showing up in my life.”

Pretty quick learner, eh?

Notice how he did that, he changed the phrasing to be grateful for his personal energetic priorities. The ones he discovered using the Art of Living Crazy Possible process and thanked those energetic priorities as if they already existed.

As if they had already shown up.

No wonder I adore this man, right?
Consciousness is sexy.

Since Maui, he is going around Being grateful for his future life as if it is NOW…

He just won’t stop being in gratitude for the Future Now of his energetic priorities and targets.
And why would he? For what reason would he not choose to use this simple tool to dance his magical future into reality?

This one simple trick is contributing oodles of ease, fun, creation and downright magic to his life. This one simple tool, just like flipping one little light switch on generates the space and possibilities for so much more.

So if you find yourself getting stuck in any area of your life?

Or you just KNOW you want to be an experimenter of consciousness like my Aussie and me.

CHOOSE being grateful for what you’d like to happen like it already has.

Unicorns, use your energetic priorities, be grateful as if they have already Shown Up and then receive what that creates.

Start now, put one of your energetic priorities You are choosing to be grateful for as if it is already your future reality and share it in the comments below.

Say your gratitude statement out loud to yourself, say it in your inner dialogue. Write it on a post-it note and remind yourself to keep saying it, no matter what shows up, keep being in the gratitude of already being and having it as your future self.

Can’t wait to hear your aha’s and celebrate your Lit Up awarenesses and upgrades from this simple process.