Having energetic mastery with world affairs

by | Dec 15, 2019 | Energetic Mastery, Evolving

This is key to your evolution: Energetic Mastery
To be able to see what is happening, and NOT react, but to go beyond it, to evolve.

Those who abuse (whether it’s someone close to you or a gov’t, big-phar ma, or whomever), want you:

  • Not paying attention
  • Seeing it but denying it
  • Seeing it and being mad, frustrated, irate about it

These are reactions that will keep you stuck, and only effect you.

A way out:

  • See it.
  • Be aware.
  • But do not automatically respond like a victim.
  • Respond with precise energy & choices.

This is not ignoring what is happening, not at all.
It’s seeing it, and going beyond it all.

You see, when you react in a fear based, victim based energy, you are aligning to that it is true and real.

When you see it, and respond as a creator, you set off the spark of a new reality. Creating the reality you choose.

Now, sometimes there is something to do, an action to take, and other times the action (moving energy) is simply in the way you respond.

If you are ongoingly in frustrated, anger, rage energies, it simply feeds what you are reacting to.

Those responses are fine, in doses, but when they persist ask yourself – do I have a belief (or conditioning) that I am at the effect of others choices? That there is nothing I can do about this but fight?

Your ability to respond, not react is the key to creating the #newreality.

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