Make Your Reality a 24/7
Magical Living Adventure

If you’ve been doing all of the spiritual “work”,
but what you desire isn’t consistently manifesting

Then you’re in the right place for a blissful awakening.

My name is Cory Michelle, and I’ll help you awaken to infinite possibilities, so you can

Activate Magic In Your Life Every Day.

Let’s be Real:

You’ve already had the breakthroughs, “woken up,” and upleveled your life.
By this point,

You know you can create anything you want.

You could probably write a book about it.

…But despite all that you know, you can’t seem to create what you want consistently.

You’re sooo close to having the magical, expansive life you imagine for
yourself, yet you can’t seem to access it quite yet…
And it’s starting to make you feel suuuuper frustrated, wondering

The good news is

you’re NOT missing anything.

You’re simply anchored to an old, unconscious identity that is striving for breakthroughs working hard, and doing it right…

But once you untether from all of that pressure,
you will take a leap into a magical new reality.

If you’re wanting…

More ease, and less stress in all areas of life
Confidence in how you show up, and in the energy you be
Abundance in every possible way
Deeper joy, connection… and the total freedom to be yourself
A rich satisfaction with your life, every day
To know you can be you with anyone
Confidence with manifesting consistently
Then I will show you how easy it gets to be to release the weight of doubt,
so you can leap into an entire new reality.

I’m not even the same person anymore!”

My clients say this to me all of the time,
Now it’s YOUR turn.

Live, Embody, and Experience Your Magical Life – Even If The World Has Gone Mad.

Discover The Same System that Advanced Manifestors Use to Attract their Dream Lifestyle, Finances, Relationships, and JOY!

Our advanced manifestation mini course reveals how to…
  • Take everything you currently know about the Law of Attraction, and throw it out the window…so you can finally get what you want without sacrifice.
  • Eliminate the gaps in manifesting, so the exact things you want show up on your watch.
  • Activate automatic magical living, so you can step into the version of you who has confidence in who you are, and the powers you’ve got