The Question That Would Change My Life Forever!

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

Who knew?

It would be a hot tub that would change my life forever.

Knowing I wanted a hot tub but not knowing how to have it, that was the spark that got me to ask the one question that would change my life forever.

I had just moved to California, and all I could think about was how amazing it would be to have a hot tub in my backyard. I had already been struck by the possibility bug and had been tuning into the awarenesses that my body was giving me.

Boy did the thought of having a nightly date with the warm water, starry sky, and some essential oils bring a level of joy to my world, every time I thought about it.

My bank account at the time was hardly flowing with this possibility, and while my finances were getting better, I didn’t have an extra $1500 laying around for this joyous splurge.

One day as I was fantasizing of being in my new hot tub, this brilliant awareness that struck me.

Just ask…
…What can I create so I can have my hot tub?

Immediately an idea for a brand new type of class flooded my mind.

I tuned in and had a conversation with this new creation and realized that I could have my hot tub by creating this new type of class.

From that moment everything fell into place, and 3 weeks later the class started with 10 people.

In the first hour of class, a man’s phone started dinging… it sounded like the Paypal Ding…. You know the one when you get money 😉

He shared with me that he had not had a sale in 3 weeks, and was getting desperate, thinking he would need to get a 9 to 5 to pay the bills.

He seemed really excited, so I asked him what was so exciting about receiving this sale?

He said “I just realized through the exercises we just did on priorities that my energy has been totally off. I was focused on heaviness and lack. As we went through the exercise, I could feel my energy shift, and 2 minutes later the sale came in.”

“Cory, that’s magic!”

Well, becoming congruent does allow magical things to show up, that’s for sure!

Turns out, he went from about $3000/mo to $170k in that year alone.

And, I got my hot tub!
Win-win I’d say.

Interestingly enough, that 1-day class has turned into a 10 week, 9 module program that has been the doorway to knowing how to bridge the gap between something being possible and actually creating it.

But more than that… Knowing HOW you uniquely create.

This is the one thing that my clients struggle with the most. They think it’s money, health, their body, finding a partner they truly jive with, but what is really behind it all is….

…They are not clear about how they can create consistently and repeatedly.

When you know how you uniquely create, you have access to every possibility that is available to you.

I had no idea that my one question, would have lead to this awareness that would change my life forever!

I wonder, what it is you’d like to have in your life that will open the door to you knowing how you uniquely create?