How Can An Amazing Relationship Be Boring?

by | Apr 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

I am BORED in this relationship!

6 months into my relationship with my partner I had this unsettling energy in our relationship.

I was BORED!

Shocked that I was even thinking this because we have so much ease, fun, joy and work really well together.. What was missing from this relationship intrigued me.

It lacked

There was literally ZERO drama between us and it seemed ‘boring’.

Wait what?

How can an amazing relationship be boring?

Well let’s break it down a bit more here…

I realized that the lack of drama – which is really also – worry, stress, fueled by adrenaline (which is extremely addictive), I had associated that calmness with being bored.

CALM = BORED in my world.

Having a bit of pride in how much I’ve ‘worked on myself’ it was hard to admit that I was actually addicted to the drama that created a heightened stress level in my life….. Eek!

So when I realized this, I associated this energy I was naming bored with calm, peaceful, expansive and fulfilling, which was more true for me than the old association.

But here’s the thing….

If you had everything working in your life with ease….

Would you be bored?

Now, your initial reaction might be NO WAY!
That would have been mine too before my realization.

Until I checked in with myself and had a good look at some of my not so contributory energetic addictions, I call them bogus priorities, and they’re usually hidden and you are sneaky AF, am I right?

What would your life be like when you’re being is Congruent with the life you know is possible?