What If You Didn’t Require Being Accepted

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

How much time and energy do you spend, seeking acceptance?

Me, I used to spend a ton of my time and energy seeking the acceptance of others and it was the single silliest choice I ever made.

I was limiting my whole existence for people who didn’t give a damn about me, just to trying to belong.

On the outside, I wanted people to think I was cool and totally in control. But inside all I wanted to do was be my true, magical self.

You know… the magical Unicorn who travels the world choosing adventures, experiencing amazing places, and incredible foods.

Is this ringing any bells for you? Ding dong.

Then one day, I consciously stood back and looked at how and where I was functioning from.

I asked myself “Why am I limiting myself just to seek acceptance from others?”

Like Barbie wearing overalls, it didn’t make any sense.

So I stopped! And more, I began a fascination with why I had chosen such a limiting life pattern.

It led to years of my life going to dozens of personal development courses to research and discover why we as a species (dare I say humans) spend so much time trying to be accepted and fit in.

In this deep dive exploration, I discovered the Lie of Belonging, a component that would go on to be an integral part of The Art of Living Crazy Possible.

This single component has turned out to be such a contribution to people in creating their lives in The Art of Living Crazy Possible.

The Lie of Belonging is kind of like being the white swan surrounded by a bunch of brown ducklings. You’re more beautiful than you can imagine, but never going to fit in.

Why not just be your beautiful self?

Without the worry of whether or not you fit in.