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Nothing ever worked before, now I know I can create a new life.

Cory, I have to share with you, I didn’t think this course would create any changes for me. Nothing ever did before. I was really looking to blame you for not delivering. But I happily have to report I was totally wrong! Turns out, I am a magical creator! I work and I can create! This is the biggest gift anyone could have given me. So much gratitude for ALCP.

– Ellen, Norway

From no money and abusive relationship to freedom!

When I took the ALCP (Art of Living Crazy Possible), I had nowhere to turn. I was in an abusive marriage with kids, I didn’t know what I could do to change it and was terrified of leaving. It’s crazy, when I got clear on the life I wanted to be living, possibilities came out of nowhere. Long story short, I am now divorced, AND just hit one of my targets of having my very first $10,000 month! I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

-Jennifer C, Illinois

I couldn’t leave my kids!

Let me start by saying that I never thought my family could be like this, I was a mom that could never leave my kids for a night away. I never allowed myself to have much, I’d even use disposable contact lenses for four months at a time! Just nine weeks into ALCP I am getting Laser!!! My hubby and I went away for a weekend without the kids! And money is showing up in random places. It’s so much easier now, I am not stressing, and choosing things that actually contribute to me. I feel like I have a new life! Seriously, in a matter of weeks, my life is totally different!

– Brooke Mackey Jones, USA

New Life in Just Five Months!

Mandy began the Art of Living Crazy Possible in April of 2016.  She lived in a small town in Canada, making about $600 per month.  She dreamed of traveling, contributing to people but couldn’t seem to change her life.  Now, five months later, she has left her small town, been traveling all around the US and attended many courses.  To top it off, she has made more money in two months than she did in the last two years.  How’s that for Crazy Possible?

– Amanda Chelsea, Canada

Left my teaching job and created the business and life I was wishing for.

I knew that creating a business was what I wanted, but I was lost in choosing what could create it. After the ALCP course, I can tap into the energies I’d like to have, ask for them, then I am aware of the choices that are congruent. It’s so magical and easy! I Also moved across the country, have an amazingly kind man in my life and live the VIP lifestyle, and I know it has all showed up because I choose it! What else is possible now?

– Manjit Khalsa, Australia & Global Citizen

From, “Why not?” to, “What’s possible!?”

I was the queen of coming up with reasons why not. Why things would not work for me. But I knew that more was possible, I just knew it. After taking the ALCP class I realized that I had tons of evidence that NOTHING would ever work, so I kept creating it over and over. Well, cleared that and now my business is expanding, I am creating classes, being a contribution to people like I always wanted to, stopped making myself wrong (thank goodness!) and I now KNOW I am magic. What IS possible NOW??

-Wendy Saw, Canada

Everything has changed.

I signed up because I wanted to play with Cory Michelle and had been salivating after the course for a while. And guess what….. Everything has changed!

My connection to my awareness is much stronger, my self-confidence much higher, my commitment to myself is making an unexpected comeback and I feel like myself for the first time in many, many years.

The support of the group and the friendships I’m making are absolutely priceless. The energy of the group, and when someone has a question that you didn’t even realize you had and suddenly you’re lightening up, it’s absolutely magical.

– Marian, Mexico

Leaving everything created more!

I had a number of things in my life I was unsatisfied with and believed I was stuck. Stressful job, a relationship that wasn’t working. Both were daily energy and happiness sucks. After this class I took the leap, and left both! It was a little scary, but I knew I couldn’t choose unhappiness any longer. Almost immediately, a new job popped up that is so much fun and allows me space, and I am really enjoying creating my life for me!

– Kara, Illinois

From Light Chaser to Global Leader

Honestly, I attended my first ALCP class just to hang out with Cory, I didn’t expect my entire life to uplevel. Since taking my first course, I have created a global brand using my unique brilliance with telepathy and non-verbal people. I had ‘thought’ about it for years, but after this class it was clear that now is the time. Getting clear on my priorities and what was stopping me was KEY to the changes in my world. I am happy to announce that we just launched our second Telepathy 101 class and I’ve been creating 3x the revenue I was before.

– Delaney Delany, Australia & Bali

Everything is better now!

When I met Cory I did not want to live any longer, I didn’t know where to turn. After learning a little about Ask and Receive, then jumping into ALCP, I left my low paying job (that I was treated poorly at), got off of 4 medications, and I am actually happy! It’s truly a miracle. So much has changed I don’t remember it all!

– Tiffany Theen, Florida