How Saying Sorry Is Holding You Back

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

Are you addicted to saying sorry?

Yuck, I used to be!

Every time I even came close to someone, I would find a reason to make myself wrong and say, “sorry”.

It was an automatic behavior, saying “sorry”. And crazily, it had nothing to do with the person I was saying sorry to.

Let me tell you… finding ways to continually make myself wrong TOOK ITS TOLL. Eventually, I was making myself wrong for just being.

And if you didn’t know, making yourself wrong for BEING is not a very fun way to live your life. I’d recommend it like I’d recommend a trip on the Titanic.

It’s not going to end well.

So I asked the people closest to me if they’d play a little game:
Every time I said “sorry” to someone without it being a genuine reason to apologize, I had to pay them $5.

That little game got me to be really aware of the language I was using (it was also emptying out my wallet) and very quickly the unnecessary “sorry’s” vanished from my mouth.

The most important thing I got out of that game?

I stopped making myself wrong all the time which gave me some space to find the things I was excellent at.

This game was so successful we introduced it on day one of Magic Camp. (A luxury, retreat class I run for VIP clients, only).

I knew this would contribute them as a few were running the same “sorry” pattern I once did.

Just like me, they discovered quickly that being consciously aware of your words pays off. After day one and a little lost cash, there were no more unnecessary “sorry’s”.

Each one of my clients now knows their own worth and no longer revert to saying “sorry” for being.

So if you are someone (like I was) who always says, “Sorry,” even when it’s not necessary…

Then why don’t YOU play the same game I did?

I wonder how much $$$ you’ll lose before the unnecessary “sorry’s” vanish away.