Ink, writing and being limitless

by | Jul 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

What does it take to have a magical life?

And what does INK have to do with it??

If you’re like me, you’ve done a butt load of programs, had lots of awarenesses and upgrades. But can you say you’re at the point where you’re living a magical life 24/7?

For me, the answer is mostly, and sometimes not.

I mean, I know more magic is possible!

Don’t you??

So what is holding the magic back?

Well, it’s not because it’s not available…

It’s because the barriers to it are hidden.

Deep in your subconscious mind.

So I started looking at my subconscious and way’s I can become more aware of these hidden and invisible limitations.

I’ve discovered a super simple way to get the hidden limitations un-hidden!

Wanna know what it is??

It’s INK!

Not not the tattoo kind 😉

Putting pen to paper and writing based on specific prompts.

The awareness’ I’ve been getting with being present with these hidden limitations have been life-changing!

I gotta be honest, I found some surprising stuff in there!

And it directly correlated to some stuff that I’ve been asking to actualize lately.

It’s incredible how a simple process can unlock a lifetime issue!

Even after doing 20 years of every type of personal development you could image, journalling made me realize I still had limitations around fear, self-doubt, and programming.

And they are coming up to get out!

Isn’t it incredible the bullshit we can store away in our brains for so long?

Like holy shit that’s in there.

Would you like to excavate some hidden limitations with me?

And tap into who you really are?

Then… here’s the juicy part…

Yes, craft the you that is limitless!
You see, so much of how we are taught to function is in reaction to life.
Never about crafting the YOU that can have it all.

So I’d like to invite you to craft that version of your future self, the limitless one, the one who CAN and DOES have it all

Sounds like #freedom right??

Anyway, you might have caught wind that another journaling class is coming.

Limitless and Magic were the top 2 energies everyone asked for, so I’ve created a 30-Day Being the Limitless You Having Your Limitless Life play-venture!

Where in the next 30 days you’ll craft, play, expand into the YOU who is limitless, living your magical life!

Would you like to ink your way to limitless with us?

Check Being the Limitless you Having Your Magical Life here