Would Choosing Fun Make You Happy?

by | Jan 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

In this reality, happiness is attached to ‘stuff’.

You know, money, cars, houses, holidays, the relationship. ‘The stuff’.

‘When I get the (insert your version of ‘the stuff’ here), I’ll be happy…’

And don’t get me wrong stuff is fun to have!

And I also wonder, if I gave you a million bucks right now, would you truly be happy? If you met the lover of your dreams right now, would you truly be happy?

What if it wasn’t about the stuff?

What if you knowing that you could create the stuff, create everything you would love to have as your life, in any moment by getting clear and congruent with those energies, and being willing to receive it all, went way beyond the stuff?

Trusting your knowing.
Being you.
Choosing what lights you up in every moment.
Never judging you.

Choosing fun whether you have $1 or $1million?

How much more of your happy is way beyond the stuff?

What is it that would make you so happy?