Who Are Your Influencers In The Time Of Covid19?

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Energetic Mastery | 1 comment

When you hear people talk about influencers, who comes to mind?


Sports stars?

People with big social media followings?

These days, the term influencers are most commonly used to describe people who affect buying decisions on a large scale, mainly through social media.

But the influencers I’m referring to are people who you actually know really well…

There is a powerful quote from motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Which begs the question…

Who are you hanging out with?

Check-in with yourself and count ’em out… Partner? Kids? Parents? Best friend? Mentor? Sponsor? Social Media?!

For now, just focus on the 5 you spend the most time with. 

How are they influencing your daily reality? 

Do you feel uplifted around them? Inspired? Delighted by the possibilities of living a magical life?

Or do you feel drained around them? Uninspired? Unable to see the beauty and possibilities in life?

Take a moment to get present to this. 

And remember, you’re not bad or wrong, and neither are they.

But today, you get to bring more choice and awareness to these relationships.

If, for example, your Big 5 influencers are freaking out about COVID-19 and telling you that you should be, too…

… guess what? 

You don’t have to buy their story anymore. You also don’t have to take their freak out on as your own or put up barriers to try to block yourself from perceiving it.

Instead, you can start to look at who you’d like to be hanging around with instead?

Who are the people that uplift you? Inspire you? Remind you that you are a potent magical Unicorn able to create anything at any time?

Who are the people who are responding to all that’s going on with the Coronavirus in calm, inspiring ways?

Who are the people who, when you’re around them or talking with them or listening to them, your world lights up?

If you know them already – call them up! 

Or binge-watch their youtube videos. 

Or join their conversations online.

If you’re looking for people that uplift and inspire, you can try some of my favorites. Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, David Wilcox, Greg Braden.

I know that right now, you may be shut-in at home with your spouse and kids, and you may already be feeling a bit stir-crazy. 

“Cory,” you may be wondering, “Are you telling me to leave my Big 5 Influencers?!”

NO! I am definitely not telling you to leave your spouse or kids or whoever your Big 5 are.

I’m reminding you that you are at choice with who you surround yourself with – even in a time of immense “social distancing”! 

And… who you surround yourself with either contributes to you or not.

So what – and who – do you choose?

And stay tuned for Part 2 in this series, where I share tips for being the ‘Dominant Energy’ in your reality so that no matter who you’re around… you’re not getting sucked into their reality.

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